Social welfare - direction and supervision

The Regional State Administrative Agency directs and supervises both municipal and private social welfare services. The agency can provide guidance in cases of serious shortcomings or deficiencies in the availability or quality of the services, or if a customer is treated inappropriately.

Social services include:

  • social work;
  • emergency social services;
  • home services;
  • informal care support;
  • housing services;
  • institutional care;
  • family care;
  • rehabilitation;
  • services for children and families;
  • services for the elderly;
  • services for the disabled; and
  • substance abuse services.


A social welfare customer is entitled to:

  • appropriate and good quality service;
  • open and understandable counselling;
  • dignified service that does not violate the customer's conviction or privacy;
  • sufficiently quick help obtained within the statutory time limit;
  • confidential handling of the case; and
  • appeal of a decision.

If customers feel that they have been treated unfairly or need advice on customer rights and obligations, they will primarily be assisted by municipal officers for social affairs. By law, customers also have the right to file a reminder with the person in charge of the unit or a complaint with the Regional State Administrative Agency of their region. The agency may refer a complaint filed with it to be first handled as a reminder in the unit.

The complaint must indicate the unit or professional whose actions the complainant is dissatisfied with as well as the grounds based on which the service or conduct is deemed to be inappropriate. The complainant's name, address and any other contact details should also be clearly stated.

The complaint must be filed within two years of the event.

The investigation of the complaint is free of charge and it is handled impartially. The Regional State Administrative Agency will issue a written decision on the complaint.