E-mail addresses of Regional State Administrative Agencies' Registries 

  • AVI Southern Finland: kirjaamo.etela(at)avi.fi
  • AVI Eastern Finland: kirjaamo.ita(at)avi.fi
  • AVI Southwestern Finland: kirjaamo.lounais(at)avi.fi
  • AVI Western and Inland Finland: kirjaamo.lansi(at)avi.fi
  • AVI Northern Finland: kirjaamo.pohjois(at)avi.fi
  • AVI Lapland: kirjaamo.lappi(at)avi.fi


E-mail attachments up to 20MB.

When using e-mail, the maximum size of any attachments is 20 megabytes (MB) per message. If the attachments are larger, you must reduce the file size or send the attachments in multiple e-mail messages. The sender is responsible for delivering the message to the authority (section 8 of Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector).

An automatic acknowledgement of receipt is sent from the registry's e-mail.

Secure e-mail

Use a secure e-mail connection to send content that contains confidential or otherwise sensitive information. The form itself is in Finnish.   Secure e-mail  

Secure e-mails form details:

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