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The environment

The State Regional Administrative Agency (AVI) makes decisions on licences and permits pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act and the Water Act. The statutes specify the activities for which permits are required and whether the matter is handled by the AVI Agency or by municipal environmental permit authorities.

A permit under the Environmental Protection Act is required for activities that involve a risk of environmental pollution. The issuing of permits for water resources management projects is regulated under the Water Act.

Actions for which a water permit is required include water abstraction for a water supply plant, dredging and filling of a water area, building a bridge across a public waterway and laying a water pipe, sewage pipe or a cable under a public waterway.

Environmental permits are for example required for many industrial plants and waste management operations, peat production, mining, animal shelters and fish farming.

Permit issues under the Environmental Protection Act and the Water Act are handled by the Regional State Administrative Agencies for Southern Finland, Eastern Finland, Western and Central Finland and Northern Finland.

The AVI Agency for Southern Finland also manages environmental and water permit issues for Southwest Finland, and the AVI Agency for Northern Finland handles permit issues in the region of Lapland.