Education and culture

Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVIs) are responsible for the regional tasks of the Ministry of Education and Culture in the field of education, day care, libraries, sports and youth work.  At local level, these tasks are the responsibility of municipalities.

AVIs tasks in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Education and Culture include: 

  • assessing the accessibility of basic services
  • complaints, requests for rectification and issuing of statements in educational and cultural services, and requests for rectification in student assessments
  • short in-service training for teaching staff and staff in youth, sports and library services
  • discretionary government transfers for youth, sports and library projects and for competence building ('Osaava' programme)
  • early childhood education
  • libraries
  • sports
  • youth work
  • construction of educational institutions
  • international affairs
  • preparedness matters

AVIs promote the implementation of legal protection in the field of education and culture and assesses regional and equal access to basic services.

All six Regional State Administrative Agencies are responsible for tasks in the field of education and culture.

Regional State Administrative Agencies have a unit providing services in Swedish, which provides services in all parts of Finland. The unit is responsible for the tasks concerning Swedish-language education that are within the remit of the Regional State Administrative Agencies, except for projects involving the establishment of educational institutions.  The service unit also acts as an expert in issues concerning library services for the Swedish-speaking population and in education and competence matters within the remit of the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres).  

AVIs cooperate with ELY Centres in the assessment of regional basic services and in educational tasks.

Development of vocational and adult education and matters concerning the financing of the European Social Fund (ESF) projects are the responsibility of ELY Centres.