Debt collection

Debt collection refers to the collection of outstanding debts on behalf of another as well as the collection of one's own outstanding debts in cases where it is apparent that the outstanding debts have been received solely for the purpose of debt collection.

A debt collection licence is not required if

  • the creditor collects his/her own outstanding debts;
  • the creditor collects the outstanding debts of a corporation belonging to the same group;
  • the debt collection is occasional and has not been marketed; or
  • the supervision of the activities has been provided for by other means, for example, in financial, pension and insurance institution activities as well as for lawyers.

The licence is granted for a maximum of five (5) years. The Regional State Administrative Agency must prohibit debt collection practiced without a licence.

If you suspect that a trader practices debt collection without a licence or conducts debt collection in violation of the law or good collection practices, you can report the matter to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. The report can be filed in writing or electronically.