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Telephone switchboard numbers to The Regional State Administrative Agencies

(country code +358)

  • AVI Southern Finland: 0295 016 000
  • AVI Eastern Finland: 0295 016 800
  • AVI Southwestern Finland: 0295 018 000
  • AVI Western and Inland Finland: 0295 018 450
  • AVI Northern Finland: 0295 017 500
  • AVI Lapland 0295 017 300

The registries' telephone service 

The Regional State Administrative Agencies' registries have a joint telephone number:
+358 295 016 585, which provides services in Finnish and English.

This number uses a callback service. If the customer does not respond to the callback, they will automatically receive a notification via SMS and will be recalled.

Customers calling the Regional State Administrative Agency are charged the local network fee (date) for landlines and the mobile phone charge for mobile phones.


Occupational safety and health contact information and services

Telephone service:  0295 016 620

The Nationwide Telephone Service of the OSH authorities is open Monday to Friday 9:00–11:30 am and 12:303:00 pm. Service in English is available Tuesday to Thursday 9:00–11:30 am.

If you call from a landline phone in Finland, the rate is the standard local network rate. If you call from a mobile phone in Finland, the rate is the standard mobile rate. The actual cost depends on your subscription with the operator.

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