The alcohol administration

Coronavirus: Guidelines on restricting and supervising restaurant operations

These guidelines are intended for restaurant entrepreneurs and staff and for the purpose of im-plementing official supervision, and they describe the restrictions specified in the Communicable Diseases Act and the Decree issued under it for the restaurant business starting 1 June 2020.

Licences to serve alcohol

The licences granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency in its operating areas include, for example:

  • licences to serve alcoholic beverages;
  • extensions of licensing hours;
  •  licences for retailing alcoholic beverages;
  • approvals of Alko retail outlets; and
  • licences of Alko delivery points.

In order to commence licensed activities, the proprietor must apply for and be granted a licence to serve alcohol. The licence to serve alcohol is granted upon written application by the Regional State Administrative Agency of the municipality where the licensed premises are located.

A service fee is charged for approvals and refusals. The Agency collects an annual supervision fee specific to the place of business.

The licence is granted for an indefinite, definite or temporary period. The criteria for granting the licence are stated in the Alcohol Act and also apply to changes in the licence holder.


The Regional State Administrative Agency supervises the serving, retailing, advertising and other promotional activities of alcoholic beverages in its areas. The agency also supervises the ban on sales of beverages containing at least 1.2 and at the most 2.8 percent alcohol to persons under the age of 18.

The Regional State Administrative Agency has the right to inspect the licence holder's premises and activities, transport of alcohol and documents required for supervision.

The agency also has the right to take and obtain the samples required for supervision without compensation and to receive the notices, information and documents necessary for supervision