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Family and social services

The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) is the regional steering, licensing and oversight authority in the social welfare sector. The aim of the Agency's work is to ensure that high-quality social welfare services are provided for the citizens.

The AVI Agency directs and supervises both municipal and private social welfare services. The Agency works for the best interests of the residents in its area together with the municipalities and other local and regional actors. The AVI Agency provides advice in case of serious shortcomings or deficiencies in the availability or quality of the services, or if a customer has been treated inappropriately.

The AVI Agency's actions in the field of social welfare services are informed by the legislation, and the agency works together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira and other actors.

The AVI Agency's duties include:

  • direction and oversight of social welfare services,
  • licencing and registration of private social welfare service providers (issuing licences and receiving notifications),
  • processing of complaints.