Consequences of a complaint

Administrative guidance may be provided due to a complaint.

The solution of the Regional State Administrative Agency is administrative guidance, including an opinion on whether the activities subject to the complaint have been in compliance with the law, the requirements for good governance or are otherwise appropriate.

If anything objectionable presents itself pertaining to the matter, the Regional State Administrative Agency may provide administrative guidance of the following kind:

  • reprimand the party in question for future reference;
  • draw the attention of the party in question to conduct in accordance with the law or good governance; or
  • inform the party in question of what the agency considers to be lawful conduct.

In matters where the Regional State Administrative Agency acts as the supervisory authority, the agency may take up a matter raised in a complaint in a supervisory procedure.

What cannot result from a complaint?

A complaint is not a means of appeal, so an administrative measure or decision cannot be amended or revoked based on it.

The Regional State Administrative Agency cannot:

  • revoke or amend decisions made by an authority;
  • order payment of compensation;
  • order the subject of the complaint to grant a specific benefit (e.g., a promissory note, social assistance, the permit applied for, etc.) or to perform a measure concerning a specific person (e.g., treatment);
  • impose a punishment on an official, dismiss an official, issue a warning to an official; or
  • lay down provisions relating to a service or employment relationship.