Business and industry

The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) is a regional expert authority with licensing and supervision duties in the field of business and industry, including the alcohol sector and competition and consumer protection issues.

The alcohol administration strives to prevent the societal, social and health-related negative impacts caused by substances containing alcohol by influencing alcohol consumption. The AVI Agency issues licences for serving and retailing alcohol products in its area and supervises licence-holders' operation.

The goals of the competition and consumer protection administration and the supervision of business and industry are promoting healthy and effective competition, safeguarding consumer rights and the financial security of citizens and providing a fair playing field for entrepreneurs. The AVI Agency's tasks range from overseeing and issuing licences to collection agencies, credit providers and estate agents to supervising the indication of prices.

The AVI Agency's activities in the business and industry sector are informed by legislation, instructions from the Ministries and cooperation with other agencies, such as the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira and the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

The Agency grants permits and licences and supervises activities in such areas as the following:       

  • licensing and supervision of the retail trade and serving of alcohol 
  • overseeing the advertising of alcoholic drinks
  • supervision in competition and consumer protection issues including price indication  
  • credit providers, collection agencies, estate and rental agencies.

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